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A huge thanks to everyone who has stopped by and visited my solo show at Pro Arts and much gratitude to the artists who collaborated with me at both performances! Here is a review of the exhibition.


A Dialog With Chance 

East Bay Express Staff Pick

The exploration of accident, part of modern art since the Dadaists and Surrealists, is at the center of Peter Foucault’s multimedia show, A Dialog with Chance. Comprising screenprints; ink drawings on paper, wood, and aluminum (AluPoly); a performance-related sculpture and video; and performances, one with a drawing robot, the other with a costumed musician playing a homemade didgeridoo; the exhibition explores the idea of art practice as a collaboration between the artist, the audience, and various tools and materials. The drawings are made without human gestures, that shibboleth of Abstract Expressionism: the ink is blown while the substrates are tilted, causing the ink to flow into rivulets and tendrils that suggest geography, roadways, and, occasionally, the human nervous system; Foucault also makes unusual ‘brushes’ for striking the drawings, causing explosive spattering. 

— Dewitt Cheng

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Super Symmetry 2, Peter Foucault, screen print, 13″x17″(framed)

For his solo show at Pro Arts, Peter Foucault will exhibit a new series of large-scale drawings on AluPoly and smaller works on paper. In addition, Foucault will set up an interactive robotic drawing installation at the opening reception. There will be a footprint on the floor with room for people to walk around it to interact. Chris Gomez, an experimental bass player, will collaborate with the robot to sketch out a 45-minute drawing composition. Afterwards, the public will have the opportunity to interact with the robot to create a second composition.

About the Artist

Peter Foucault creates works on paper, videos, performances, and installations that are fueled by his love of drawing and mark making. He has created a series of Drawing-Projects, which utilize systems developed by the artist that produce complex abstract compositions. At the root of these projects is a constant tension between control and the loss of control. Viewer interactivity plays an integral part in his drawing installations, large-scale artworks in which participants influence the outcome of a drawing that is created by a small robot over the duration of an event or exhibition. His work is concept driven, and often utilizes objects that reference printmaking and multiplicities.

Foucault has participated in numerous exhibitions nationwide and his work has been included in group shows at the Getty Museum and Getty Villa, Oakland Museum of California,Torrance Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Marine Contemporary, Smithsonian Institutes’ Freer and Sackler Gallery, Kit Schulte Contemporary (Berlin, Germany), The University of Salford (Manchester, England), and The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

In addition to his own practice, Foucault is the Co-Founder of the Mobile Arts Platform (MAP), a Bay Area based artmaking and curatorial team that creates interactive “pop-up” mobile exhibitions and performances that directly engage the public.

Public program 

Opening Reception

Friday, May 3, 6 – 9 PM. Interactive robot drawing at 7 PM, which will react to a live bass guitar sound piece by Chris Gomez.

Saturday,  May 11, 12- 12:30 PM. Performance by Peter Foucault in collaboration with artist and musician Bryan Hewitt.

The artist and musician Bryan Hewitt will be creating a custom paper beast suit that has a large built-in didgeridoo and percussive elements. The artist Peter Foucault will be using his body and clothing elements to write out a message across a large canvas that will be placed on the floor…

Peter Foucault: A Dialog with Chance

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