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I’d like to invite you to “Altered,” a group exhibition that I’ll be part of opening June 19th at Minnesota Street Projects.

There are Saturday events happening from 3-6 pm each week for a month:Saturday June 23rd, June30th, July 1st, July 8th, from 3-6pm.

Details and a list of participating artists is below. I’m really excited to be part of this amazing exhibition!



Exhibition Run: June 19th through July 14th 2018

Location: 1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA94107 Gallery 104

Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm; Artist Receptions Saturdays 3-6pm

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Since our inception in 2007, OFFspace has staged a dozen exhibitions in unexpected spaces and host galleries. Featuring the work of over 100 artists from across the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Besides being pioneers of site specific curation in the Bay Area, OFFspace has singled itself out by creating shows with an wide range of artists and practices; bringing together emerging, mid-career and established artists, Bay Area and international art makers..


To celebrate passing the 10-year mark OFFSpace is proud to present Altered, a show part retrospective and part curatorial experiment. Alteredwill shift/mutate/evolve throughout the run being “re-curated” weekly by OFFSpace and invited partner curators, featuring a different theme and works with each iteration.


Over thirty artists* who have shown with OFFspace throughout our 10+-year career will share work to create a physical library in one portion of the gallery space. OFFspace will then draw from this resource to formulate the first in a series of exhibits. Thereafter, on a weekly basis, guest curators will select work from the library to create a unique exhibition on a specific theme of their choice. Additionally, the entire library will be available for perusal by the public with the help and supervision of gallery attendants.

Partner curators include Dasha Matsura, San Francisco Director at Spoke Art Gallery (spoke-art.com) Justin Charles Hoover, Founder & Director at Collective Action Studio (collectiveactionstudio.com) and from Aggregate Space Gallery co Directors S. Willis & Conrad Meyers (aggregatespacegallery.org).

learn more at off-space.org & FaceBook

Participating artists include: Alan Hopkins, Alexis Arnold,  Alicia Escott,  Andréanne Michon,  Angela Pryor,  Ap-art-ment (Laura Boles Faw and Cathy Fairbanks),  Christopher McNulty,  Cigdem Kaya,  Claudia Huenchuleo, Diane Chung,  Emmanuelle Namont Kouznetsov,  Gillian O’Shea,  Gioj De Marco,  Glenna Cole Allee,  Gwynne Stoddart,  Jan Blythe,  Jesse Walton,  Jinyoung Youm,  Justin Hoover,  Karrie Hovey,  Kathrine Worel,  Linda Trunzo,  Luther Thie,  Madeline Dignadice,  Marya Krogstad,  Michael Kerbow,  Michelle Morby,  Michelle Wilson,  Peter Foucault,  Rachel Dawson,  Ruth Santee,  Victor Barbieri,  Winnie van der Rijn and  Zeina Barakeh.

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