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Hello Friends!


I invite you to stop by the Lab in SF and check out the LAST Festival on Oct. 23-25th. This event was developed by Leonardo and curated by Lily Alexander, featuring interactive and new media works. I will have the latest iteration of my robotic drawing installation Attraction/Repulsion:Redux.


Hope to see you there!





The second LAST festival (LAST=Life Art Science Tech) will take place in San Francisco on Oct 23-25th during the city-wide Bay Area Science Festival.

Website: http://www.lastfestival.com 

Mixing interactive/participatory/digital art and science talks (Neuroscience,

Ebola, Nanotech, Singularity, Space Exploration – see below).


Hard to summarize everything but in a nutshell:


> Thursday from 6pm till 10pm: Opening party of the Art Exhibition

* Adam Carlin & Erich Richter: “Some Thing Grounded”

* Carlos Castellanos: “Mobile Bioenergy Lab”

* Gene Felice & David Kant: “Coactive Systems”

* Peter Foucault: “Attraction/Repulsion”

* Emily Martinez: “AntiApocalypse”

* OpenLab (Sean McGowen, Ian Ayyad, Richard Vallejos, Joel Horne) : “BioSensing Garden”

* SonicSENSE (Jennifer Parker & Barney Haynes): “SoundPool”

* Erich Richter: “Chant”

Curated by Lily Alexander.


> Friday from 6pm till 10pm: Art Exhibition

> Friday at 7:30pm: A rare live performance by legendary and reclusive sound

artist Laetitia



> Saturday from 11am till 2pm: Art Exhibition


> Saturday from 2pm till 6pm: the Symposium!

2:00pm – Space Exploration and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Chris McKay, Planetary Scientist at NASA Ames

2:45pm – The state of Neuroscience: Bruno Olshausen, Director of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

3:30pm – The state of Nanotechnology: Christine Peterson, Cofounder of the Foresight Institute

4:15pm – Infectious Diseases/ The Ebola epidemics: Charles Chiu, Professor of Infectious Diseases at UCSF School of Medicine

5:00pm – Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity: Piero Scaruffi (Cultural Historian, Cognitive Scientist, Author)

Sponsored by Leonardo ISAST.


> Saturday from 6pm till 8pm: Closing party of the Art Exhibition


Free and open to everybody.


Please register if you want to attend the symposium on Oct 25th so we know how many people to expect:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/life-art-science-tech-last-festival-tickets-13774801803 


Please register if you plan to attend Laetitia Sonami’s performance on Oct 24th:



And spread the word!


Venue: The Lab, 2948 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Website: http://www.lastfestival.com


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Please join us at the Oakland Zoo on Saturday Oct. 18th from 10am – 3pm for a free pop-up interactive screen printing project. Hope to see you there!



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