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If you are in the Mission District tonight I invite you to please stop by Root Division and check out a presentation I will be giving on my current body of work. This artist talk is in conjuncture with Permutation Unfolding, an exhibition that is currently showing. Details are below, hope to see you there!
Artist Lecture at Root Division, Wednesday March 20, 2013 from 7-9pm.

We’re proud to present “Root Division Talks” a series of free public lectures in conjunction with our exhibitions programming.
The Permutation Unfolding Artist’s Panel features presentations by the exhibition curators, and three exhibiting artists in the main gallery space. 

Artists Presenting:

Jamie Brunson: www.jamiebrunson.com
Randy Colosky: www.rjcarts.com
Peter Foucault: peterfoucault.wordpress.com


Rebecca Shortle: www.rebeccashortle.com
Tobias Tovera: www.tobiastovera.com

Moderated by Amy Cancelmo, Exhibitions & Events Coordinator, Root Division


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Thanks to everyone who made it out to Root Division on Saturday March 9th to check out the show and interact with the bots! Included in the exhibition are two new drawings from my “Embryo Series” and a live interactive robotic drawing installation.

Here is a cool write up featured in SF Weekly that reviews the show:

The symmetry of a dew-laden spiderweb. The whorls and lines etched into your skin. The swirling clouds of gas and dust being pushed out from a distant supernova. The universe is full of some heart-stoppingly beautiful visuals. Science is ever making new discoveries too, though as any researcher can tell you, sometimes it’s the accidents that lead you to uncover the next big revelation. Art can work the same way. The exhibition “Permutation Unfolding” brings together a group of artists using this type of intuitive process in their practice and focuses on the biological shapes that often result. Sandra Ono starts with the most utilitarian of materials (rubber bands, dental floss, nail polish) but transforms them into wonderfully eerie sculptures that look like they could have crawled up onto their plinths all on their own. Peter Foucault’s Embryo ink drawing appears similarly organic with hundreds of lines forming into an urchin-like creature that was actually created partly with the help of an audience and sound-activated robots. Meanwhile Tobias Tovera relinquishes some control to chemical reactions themselves, dissolving iron and adding pigment until the shapes that resolve look like they are straight out of one of those exploding supernovae. These artists don’t fear accidents and instead use them to mesmerizing effect. — By Heidi De Vries



Second Saturday Event: Saturday, March 9, 2013, 7-10pm
Including Creative Station, a free all-ages art activity in our Studio 2 Classroom
and sound performance by Markus Hawkins at 8pm
Exhibition Dates: March 6-23, 2013Panel Discussion: Wednesday, March 20, 7-9 pm FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Featuring: Jamie Brunson, Randy Colosky, Peter Foucault, Rebecca Shortle, & Tobias Tovera
Root Division presents Permutation Unfolding, a group exhibition examining the realm of process in relationship to natural systems of self- organization and transformation. Permutation Unfolding introduces art practices that result from processes of intuitive facture, repetition, and chance, created organically through accumulation.   Biomorphic forms or suggestions of other natural formations frequently emerge as a result of the artists’working processes, including macroscopic or microscopic life forms, neural networks, macromolecular or cellular structures, and geologic formations. The essence and beauty of each piece is the equilibrium between what is intended and what is achieved: a process that results neither from control over these forces nor surrender to them, but rather from immersion in them.
Jamie Brunson
Randy Colosky
Peter Foucault
Sid Garrison
Mieko Hara
Gregory Kaplowitz
Amanda Klimek
Michelle Mansour
Mia Nakano
Sandra Ono
Jenn Shifflet
Rebecca Shortle
Christopher Sicat
Tobias Tovera*
John Wood*Root Division Studio Artist


Sponsored by Trumer International

3175 17th Street (at S. Van Ness)
San Francisco, CA 94110

Root Division is a visual arts non-profit located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Root Division’s mission is to improve appreciation and access to the visual arts by connecting personal inspiration and community participation. We provide subsidized studio space to working artists in exchange for their service in creating shared learning opportunities for the community. Artists develop creatively and professionally by teaching art to underserved youth, leading adult education classes, and producing exhibitions that showcase local emerging artwork. By combining multiple opportunities for creative exchange, Root Division cultivates an artistic ecosystem that enriches life throughout the Bay Area.Root Division is supported in part by grants from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, National Endowment for the Arts / ArtWorks, Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Grants for the Arts: San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, San Francisco Arts Commission / Cultural Equity Grants, Crescent Porter Hale Foundation, Zellerbach Family Foundation, W A Gerbode Foundation, and Art4Moore.

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