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Hello friends,

If your in the Mission on Saturday night please stop by and check out the LAB’s annual art auction. Lots of great art by local artists. I have a new drawing included.


Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 2, 2011, 7:00 – 10:30 pm
Live auction at 8:00 pm
Sale continues: Sunday, April 3, 1 – 6 pm

$20 – $50 Sliding Scale
Purchase advance tickets at Brown Paper Tickets

To preview our live and silent auction items, please visit our auction blog at

Fill out our bidform in advance and save time at the door!

Online Sale:
This year we are hosting a concurrent online sale featuring work by John Casey, Mel Prest, Jamie Brunson, John Hundt, Casey Jex Smith, and many more!

To view works available online at Buy it Now prices, please visit

Help us spread the word by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter

Honorary Committee
Elizabeth Bernstein – Royal Nonesuch Gallery
Catharine Clark – Catherine Clark Gallery
Kevin Clarke – MacArthur B Arthur
Ben Cooper – Chandra Cerrito Contemporary
Marcella Faustini – Noma Gallery
Carrie Hott – Royal Nonesuch Gallery
Kimberly Johansson – Johansson Projects
Joey Piziali and Vanessa Blaikie – Romer Young Gallery
Dina Pugh – Triple Base Gallery
Jessica Silverman – Silverman Gallery
Svea Lin Soll – Swarm Gallery

Contributing artists include: Ajit Chauhan, Alex Clausen, Alexis Amann, Alice Shaw, Alison O.K. Frost, Amanda Curreri, Andrew Kleindolph, Andy Vogt, Anthony Ryan, Ari Salomon, Barry Underwood, Bayete Ross Smith, Ben Meyer, Ben Venom, Billy O’Callaghan, Brian Caraway, Bryan Von Reuter, Carson Murdach, Casey Jex Smith, Catherine Ryan, Charlene Tan, Chris Basmajian, Chris Brennan, Chris Vamos, Christina LaSala, Christina Mazza, Christine Kesler, Colleen Flaherty, Cynthia Ona Innis, Dan Lydersen, Dana Hemenway, Daniel Healey, Daniel Konhauser, David Faulk, David Fought, Dee Hibbert-Jones, Deric Carner, Doug Dertinger, Ehren Tool, Ed Ruscha, Edmund Wyss, Elise Mahan, Eric Hongisto, Eric Larson, Erica Gangsei, Erik Friedman, Esther Traugot, Faye Kendall, Francesca Pastine, Gaby Wolodarski, Gail Dawson, Gareth Spor, Genevieve Quick, Ginger Snap, Hilary Pecis, Ilana Crispi, Inga Dorosz, Jake Watling, James Sterling Pitt, Jamie Brunson, Jamie Vasta, Jared Harrell, Jason Kalogiros, Kyle Knobel, Jeff Morris, Jenna North, Jenne Giles, Jeremiah Jenkins, Jessica Cadkin, Jessica Snow, Joey Piziali, Johanna Poethig, John Casey, John Hundt, Josh Pieper, Joshua Churchill, Julia Kim Smith, Julie Dummermuth, Kara Joslyn, Kara Maria, Karen Olsen-Dunn, Kathleen Quillian, Kevin Clarke, Kim Miskowicz, Laura Ball, Leslie Lowinger, Leonie Guyer, Lindsey Lyons, Liv Moe, Liz Bernstein, Liz Walsh, Liz Worthy, Mark Flood, Marsha Shaw, Martha Sue Harris, Mary Anne Kluth, Matt Kennedy, Matt Momchilov, Matthew Gordon, Michael Johnstone, Meagan Donegan, Mel Prest, Meredith Tromble, Michael Garrigues, Michael Arcega, Michael Namkung, Michelle Mansour, Misako Inaoka, Monica Lundy, Paul Madonna, Paul Mullins, Peter Foucault, Rachel Dawson, Raymie Iadevaia, Rex Ray, Rives Granade, Robert Larkin, Ruth Hodgins, Ryan Hendon, Sara Bright, Sasha Petrenko, Scott Greenwalt, Sergio De La Torre, Seth Childs, Seth Koen, Sheila Ghidini, Steven Elliott, Su-Chen Hung, Susan Chen, Tallulah Terryll, Tara Lisa Foley, Tareneh Hemami, Taro Hattori, Terrance Graven, Tom Marioni, Trevor Paglen, Val Britton, Vanessa Marsh, Vincent Como, Walter Logue, Wendy Anne Crittenden, Wenhua Shi, William Swanson with Elena Rudolph, Yuki Maruyama, Zachary Royer Scholz, and more TBA.

Image: Barry Underwood Courtesy of Johansson Projects

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Chandler Fine Art Framing
Edgewise Arts Underglass Framing
Dema Boutique
Bar Bambino
Paxton Gate
Mission Pie
Trumer Pils

The Lab | 2948 16th Street | San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.864.8855 | www.thelab.org

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Hello friends and colleagues,

I am happy to announce that I will be having one of my large-scale “Embryo Series” drawings included in “Magna Carta” at the Cain Schulte Gallery in Berlin. This exhibition will feature works on paper by international artists and will be running from March 18 – April 30th. If you are in Germany over the next few months please stop by and check it out! Below are some pics from the opening reception and an installation shot.

For more info please visit:



The basis of the Magna Carta, like that of all legal systems, is essentially its binding nature. This bond encounters difficulties and challenges wherever it is unclear who is a participant in the system. Legal systems fray at their edges.
–Juliane Laitzsch

Cain Schulte Contemporary Art’s exhibition Magna Carta explores the diverse and innovative creations of international artists who work with and on paper. The artists involved have been asked to create pieces that are thematically anchored in an investigation of the 13th-century legal document the Magna Carta, which is widely considered a pivotal turning point in the attempt to establish individual liberties, and a key element in the radical transformation of constitutional thought. The works in this exhibition explore contemporary issues focusing on the protection of personal freedom, individual rights, and unlawful imprisonment. The exhibition seeks to highlight the universality and contemporary relevance of the issues emanating from the Magna Carta in today’s increasingly globalized world.

The artists involved hail from many countries, including Germany, Japan, Israel, The Netherlands, and across the United States. The breadth alone of the styles and visions they bring to the topic is inherently an illuminating study of cultural differences. The cadre of subjects addressed spans the Abu Ghraib torture atrocities, Japanese bondage techniques, illegal immigration, as well as the resilience of religious dogmas, the possibilities of Utopian organizations of space, and the visual codification of legal systems in medieval textile patterns.

The works on display range from small charcoal and ink drawings to large experimental sculptures. Some of the works offer novel perspectives on the deterioration and transgressions of the Magna Carta’s ideals by focusing on current interpretations of cultural colonialism. Other artists have conceptualized the literal translation of Magna Carta (“big paper”) as a basis for their thematic explorations within the limits of the medium of paper.

Artists Include:

Anke Becker (Berlin, Germany), Matteo Bergamasco(Milan, Italy), Brad Brown (San Francisco, CA), Miri Chais (Tel Aviv, Israel), Max Diel(Berlin, Germany), Peter Foucault (Oakland, CA), Mark Fox (New York, NY), Daniele Girardi (Milan, Italy), Veronike Hinsberg (Berlin, Germany), Diane Jacobs (Portland, Oregon), Linda Karshan (London, UK), Ruven Kupermann (Tel Aviv, Israel), Juliane Laitzsch (Berlin, Germany), Werner Linster (Berlin, Germany), Koho Mori-Newton(Japan/Paris, France), Nadja Poppe (Dresden, Germany), Justin Quinn (St. Cloud, Minnesota), Susanne Ring (Berlin, Germany), Margot Schmitt (Berlin, Germany), Ben Sleeuwenhoek (Middelburg, Netherlands).

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